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  • What is Digital Marketing.
  • How Digital Marketing increases Sales in Sahibabad.
  • Why Digital Marketing is Important for Small Businesses in Sahibabad.
  • Parts of Digital Marketing:
      • SEO
      • PPC ads
      • Social Media Optimization

What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, online marketing, internet advertising…whatever you call it, is any online marketing efforts or assets. Having an internet site then doing- Email marketing, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing and even blogging, to introduce people to your company and convince them to shop for- is Digital Marketing.

Almost anything that is digital and can be used to publish, create data and gather an audience – is a digital marketing asset. So, It simply must be a marketing tool you employ online. Many of us don’t realize what percentage digital marketing assets we need at our disposal. Here are a few examples:


Your website

Brand building assets (logos, icons, acronyms, etc)

Video content related assets (video ads, product demos, etc)

Image related assets (infographics, product shots, company photos, etc)

Content writing and its improvement related assets (blog posts, eBooks, product descriptions, testimonials, etc)


Social media Handles


To understand the importance of digital marketing to the longer term of selling in any business, it’s helpful to believe what audience interactions we’d like to know and manage. Digital marketing today is about more sorts of audience interaction than website or email.

How Digital Marketing increases Sales in Sahibabad

According to a study, Digital marketing is one among the foremost popular ways for businesses to undertake to extend sales. In fact, spending on digital marketing is projected to extend by anywhere from 12-15 percent.


There are many strategies in Digital Marketing which will be utilized to increase sales:

1) Social shares

Social shares tell you not just the quantity of traffic that’s coming to your website, but the quantity of traffic that’s driven to your website by particular social media channels.


When tracking social shares, you’ll use analytics programs to segment and test which campaigns and social media platforms are driving more traffic to your website. this is often the right method to determine how well your social media campaigns are reaching your audience .

When tracking social media metrics to extend sales, there are several other important metrics, including shares, likes, referrals, conversion rates, and more.


2) Click-through with bounce rate

Click-through rate tells you the amount of individuals that click on your content, which can offer you a hint into the proportion of people, your content is generating. However, if you actually want to understand what percentage people are responding to your social media content, a far better metric is click-through with bounce rate.


Click-through measured with bounce rate will tell you the quantity of individuals that clicked your link (click-through), and bounce rate will tell you the share of individuals that clicked that also left your linked page immediately.


When you measure these two social media metrics together, you get a far better idea of what proportion interest you’re actually generating.

And, this will be done by Utilizing Google Analytics. GA or (Google Analytics) is that the easiest and therefore the best thanks to track the clicks easily.


3) Social media Posts

Another vital a part of your Digital Marketing Strategy to extend sales should be social media marketing.


Ninety percent of young adults (ages 18-29) use social media. Something that’s very intimidating, truly for B2B companies of the nation, is 84% of VPs and CEOs report that social media influences purchasing decisions.


However, ensuring your social media marketing strategy is converting to sales for your audience isn’t as simple as just posting content on your profiles. to actually determine what content is resulting in conversions, you’ll want to stay track of and test the subsequent metrics.


4) Less Return on investment (ROI)

Not only is it an honest idea to live conversions, but it’s also important to live your overall ROI. Overall ROI will tell you ways much you made in total sales minus the cash you invested within the campaign.


Overall ROI will offer you a thought of how well your campaigns are contributing to the general profits of your company.


So, Digital marketing is certainly among the foremost popular and effective ways to extend sales, but as long as you’re listening to the science of it. When looking to extend your sales, confirm you’re tracking the digital marketing KPIs above, then using the knowledge to form smarter marketing decisions. If you do, you’ll find you’re ready to more effectively use your marketing budget to extend sales.

Why Digital Marketing is vital for start-ups or small scale Businesses in Sahibabad

What can we mean by Small Business or a start-up

Small businesses surround us. they’re on every other street and in every corner. Every second thing someone buys comes from a small scale business. In a country like India, small businesses have a special position within the industrial structure due to their ability to utilise labour, decrease unemployment and increase employment oppertunities.


Small sized businesses are those sole proprietorships, partnership firms, corporations that have small employee strength or small annual revenue as compared to regular-sized business or corporation. Businesses are defined as “small” in terms of having the ability to use for state support and qualify for preferential tax program varies counting on the country and industry.

Small businesses are either services or retail operations like grocery stores, medical stores, tradespeople, bakeries and little manufacturing units. Small businesses are independently owned organisations that need less capital and fewer workforce and fewer or no machinery. These businesses are ideally suited to work on alittle scale to serve an area community and to supply profits to the corporate owners.


Indian government defines small businesses on the idea of the business’s ability to take a position within the plant and machinery. consistent with the definition provided by the govt website for business,, alittle scale business may be a business found out during which the financial commitment towards infrastructure like building & equipment, whether made as an owner or on rental or purchase basis, doesn’t surpass Rs. 1 crore.


Benefits of Digital Marketing for Start-Ups or Small Scale Businesses

The group of potential customers that are found online may be a much larger group of individuals than you’re likely to be ready to attract locally. Using digital marketing, you’ll reach a huge audience during a way that’s both cost-effective and measurable.


Other benefits of online marketing include:


The ability to interact together with your prospects and learn exactly what they’re trying to find

The ability to succeed in a worldwide marketplace

You can economize and reach more customers for fewer money than traditional marketing methods

Get to understand your audience and permit them to understand you personally which may help to make brand loyalty

You can track stimuli  to the marketing stimulus instantly.

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